Amazon “Items dispatching soon”

When processing an order (especially ones with ┬ásuper-saver delivery), Amazon tend to have an intensely annoying habit of setting the order to “items dispatching soon”, so it cannot be ammended or cancelled, and then leaving it at that stage for ages (I think nearly a day for my current order). In the past I’ve had this go on for days for other orders.

I think this is something Amazon should really look at, especially if you get annoyed with how long its taking them to fulfill an order but can’t cancel it! (I don’t buy that an order can be “dispatching soon” for several days)

  • Rachel

    Still an issue 4 years later in 2013! It’s a shame that Amazon let some retailers away with this scam. Fortunately, though, thanks to distance selling regulations in the UK it’s possible to reject items upon delivery or return them at the seller’s expense, for any reason (or no reason at all). So, if they choose to play sillybuggers and send the item anyway after it’s been sitting at “Dispatching Soon” for days just to block cancellations/amendments and the purchaser finally gets fed up waiting, the seller is only costing themselves and incurring the hassle of having to deal with a return.