Facebook OpenID

Just managed to get Facebook to recognise my OpenID with the help of this post.

Unfortunately the facebook system doesn’t seem to recognise the delegate url (at least in my case). I associated the OpenIDĀ  http://tom.morr.is (which delegates to http://tmorris.pip.verisignlabs.com/) with facebook. However facebook list the Verisign url as associated to my account instead of http://tom.morr.is, which should happen.

This kinda makes delegation a bit pointless with facebook, at least with Verisign PIP.

  • Mine did the same thing. The linked account on Facebook shows up as MyOpenID rather than the delegate url.

    Kind of pointless, indeed!

  • Hi Tom: I am the technical director for the PIP and as Mark pointed out it’s currently a general limitation in the FB OpenID implementation. For more information check out:



  • Tom

    Hi Gary, Thanks for the update! Good to see Facebook are aware of the problem, hopefully it will be fixed soon.