Google Voice + Truphone Local Anywhere: A match made in heaven?

Google Voice and Truphone Local Anywhere both look set to have a significant impact on the mobile market. Even though neither have fully launched as of yet, they have managed to generate a fair amount of interest (especially Google Voice).

I believe both these services have a good chance of being successful in their own right, however I think both could complement each other if combined into a product which leverages the unique strengths of the other.

Why Google Voice should integrate with Truphone Local Anywhere

One of the biggest possible constraints to the rollout of Google Voice, in markets besides the US, will probably be the need to integrate with the local PSTN network in each country. Instead of doing all the leg work itself, Google Voice could plug-in to the Truphone MVNO architecture which can offer global PSTN coverage in one fell swoop.

Truphone integration could also enable Google Voice to be less reliant on mobile data connections by utilising Truphone’s sim technology. Google could then market itself as a truly global phone company.

Why Truphone should integrate with Google Voice

Google Voice could really complement the Local Anywhere product, the features added by Voice through the web app would make the product far more compelling as well as provide a unique selling point over other roaming sim providers. The halo effect from integrating with a Google product could also drive a lot more attention to Truphone.

Other companies integrating with Google Voice is not unheard of, for example Gizmo 5 has enabled integration with Google Voice already.