Cape Town


Apologies for the delay in uploading any photos or communication in general, this is partly because internet connectivity in African campsites is a largely theoretical concept, but also because I’ve been a bit lazy.

However I’ve finally got round to sorting through and uploading some photos (please see note below), and writing a small amount about the destination in question (I’m probably not going to write an essay about each place, I’ll let the photos do the talking). I will upload entries for Namibia and the other African countries I’ve been to later this week.

I really enjoyed Cape Town, it is a great city with many things to do. Unfortunately I only had a few days , so couldn’t do everything. The weather was also quite changeable, largely changing to rain most of the time, which meant Table Mountain was wrapped in a halo of cloud for most of the time I was there. Fortunately, the weather did clear on the last day and I was able to get up to the top, which was amazing.

Table Mountain and chapman’s peak drive (a scenic drive along the eastern part of the cape) where probably my favourite things I did there.

I would also like to thank James, Nike, Thomas and Charlotte, for showing me around and their fantastic hospitality.

You can see some photos from Cape Town here:

Note regarding photos: The internet connectivity in Africa is not great (my hotel in Mauritius isn’t connected very well either), so a lot of photos are still uploading from my netbook. So it may take a while for all the photos to upload, if you check back a later date you may see more appear. You may also see several photos of the same thing, this is because I haven’t culled the worst photos in the set yet.