It’s a truck, not a f*cking bus


I traveled through Africa in an overland truck. This is basically a commercial truck/lorry, which has a custom overlanding body put on it instead of the freight body, the overlanding body contains a seating area as well as storage bins for all the required equipment. It is most definitely not a bus, as our driver was sure to remind us (gratuitous swearing in the title is my own, not Kobus’s).

If there is one benefit about being lazy about writing about my experiences, it is that I can write from the benefit of hindsight. An overland tour is hard work, it certainly isn’t for people who want any form of luxury. You will get up at 4am in the morning most days and have your tent packed (oh yes you are camping) by 5am, in time to be on the road by 5.45-6am.

Our driver and guide where called Kobus and Hettie respectively, they are two of the coolest and most hard working people I’ve met. These guys will pull 18 hour days continuously for a whole circuit, which could be over 40 days, there isn’t really anything like a weekend off, as everyday is just another day of the tour. These guys are overlanders, if you ever meet an overlander, buy them a beer.

The first day, we drove 12 hours, from Cape Town to the Orange River, which is the natural border between South Africa and Namibia. We arrived after dark, and learned how to pitch or tents. The showers didn’t work at the camp site, when they did start working, they supplied brown water, which was fun.

Some pictures here: