Note: Apologies for the delay in posting updates, I can’t blame everything on the internet as I have been very very lazy. However I have some free time on my hands now and will try to get some more posts up.

We crossed the border from South Africa into Namibia after spending a night at Orange River. You can tell almost immediately that you’re in a different country, as the country side becomes far more arid.

Namibia is a very dry and hot country, at one point it reached over 40 degrees C in Sossusvlei. However, as we were camping it could also get very cold during the night.

We did a lot of interesting things in Namibia, however there are three places I particularly enjoyed: Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and Eytosha.

In Sossusvlei, we climbed dune 45 at sunrise. In order to do this we had to wake up at 4am in the morning, pack up camp and get to the gates to the park before all the other trucks (we wanted to be first to climb the dune). We managed this, but where subsequently overtaken by another overland truck, that was driving a bit too fast. When we got to the foot of the dune the other truck was already parked, however arriving first had made them complacent, they were taking a long time to get ready and get off their truck. So we got ready and bailed out of our truck as soon as it stopped and ran up the first part of dune, I wouldn’t advise running up a sand dune, it’s very hard work. After about 50 minutes of walking we got to the top of the dune, just in time for sunrise. It is one of the most stunning sunrises I have seen.

Swakopmund is a town on the skeleton coast, we stopped here for 2 nights in a hotel, which was a nice break from camping. Swakopmund is the “adrenaline capital” of Namibia . Here you can do things like Sand boarding, sky diving, quad biking etc. I did the last two. Skydiving was insane, I don’t really remember much of the free-fall, apparently because the first time you jump, the adrenaline rush blanks out the memory. I probably found the quad biking more fun, as we spent a whole afternoon speeding up and down sand dunes, I don’t think you would be allowed to do that in Europe.

Last but not least, we stayed 2 nights in Eytosha, which is a national park and game reserve. We did several game drives in the truck, we were quite lucky and saw a lot of animals, including a cheetah, which is apparently quite a rare sight.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Namibia, it’s a beautiful country.

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