After Namibia, we headed into Botswana. Here we did a 2 night bush camp in the Okavenga delta, a bush camp means we camped in the delta itself, so there was no established camp site with facilities like toilets, or walls to keep the animals out. We were told that if we left our tents in the middle of the night, that we had to shine a torch around to see if we could see if any eyes shining in the dark, if we saw this we had to get back into the tent immediately.

We got into the delta on narrow boats called mokoro’s, which where piloted by the local tribesmen using a pole (hence they were called polers), in a similar way to punting. On the way in, one of the mokoro’s was turned over by an enraged hippo, which the polers thought had just been in a fight with another hippo. Fortunately no one was hurt, but it was a bit of shock when the peaceful journey through the reeds was interrupted but soddenly shouting and all our boats being suddenly pushed into the reeds to avoid the hippo.

After the delta, we went to Chobe, where we did a river cruise. This is an awesome way to see a load of animals, and sitting a boat was far more chilled out than doing a game drive in the truck.

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