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First Direct Internet Banking Plus – Application Shortcut

I have recently tried using the First Direct  Internet banking plus application, which works very well.

However I am lazy and want to have to have to go to the first direct website all the time, to launch the app. Also, I don’t use IE as my default web browser and the direct link on the first direct page is hidden by JavaScript. Which means it’s not possible to use a normal web shortcut.

After some experimentation, I found creating the application shortcut with the below code works well:

"C:Program Files (x86)Internet Exploreriexplore.exe"

(this is a shortcut for a 64-bit system hence the (x86), if on a 32-bit system modify the link accordingly)

Chrome OS on the way, great, now where is Gdrive?

With Chrome OS announced and due at some point next year, you have to wonder where the often hinted at Gdrive is.

I have tried using several file sync tools but i’m not especially happy with any of them:

Live Mesh: 5 gigabytes of storage and winmo support is good, but no linux support, and has a habit of caneing my broadband connection

Live Sync: No cloud storage, but seems to handle syncing better than live mesh

Dropbox: Has file versioning, but no p2p syncing and only 2gb on free version

Awesome features that Google could bring to the table:

  • Tons of free storage, do what Gmail did for webmail and blow other providers away
  • Web storage exposed to OS through a network-share
  • Have P2P support, allow certain folders in network share only P2P with no cloud storage (like Live Mesh)
  • “Delta-Sync” i.e. only sync changes in the files and not transfer the whole file again
  • File versioning, ¬†really great feature, wish Live Mesh had this
  • Intelligent Integration with mobile/netbook OS’s like android and eventually Chrome OS, I.E. these generally tend to be highly storage restricted environments so I would definitely wouldn’t want to try and push all my videos to the device, however I would like to view what videos are on my gdrive and possibly stream them to the mobile device. Could also possibly have a “cache mode” on the mobile device where I can allow it to have certain amount of storage (say 100mb) so requested file could be pulled into the cache and then older/less used files deleted as cache is filled up. This would work really well for music as well
  • Linux support, no brainer really with Chrome OS coming out
  • WHS support, ok this is not going to happen, but let us have multiple Gdrive shares available on one machine at once and i’m sure something could be hacked together