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Why Google Apps Sucks for Non-Business Users

I recently shifted to the Google Eco-System in a big way and have generally been pleased with the results. Gmail is substantially better than Hotmail and I have started to use Google Calendar which can sync with my Windows mobile device (I don’t believe MS Live calendar can do this).

However, there are have been a couple of especially irritating issues, which is due to my use of Google Apps. The crux of the problem, is that the Google Apps account is not perceived to be a “Google account”  by Google. So in order to access Google services other than those available through Apps, you will have to create a Google account.

Naturally I already had a Google account, but thought i’d set up a new one with my Apps email in order to keep everything together (or so I thought!). This is where the issues start, as when you create a Google account, it also creates a contact list for that Google account, separate to the contact list in the Apps account.

So because of this I can use Google Reader with my Google Account, but can’t use the social features with the contact list in my Apps account. I also can’t link faces to Apps contacts in Picasa. I’m sure there are other areas where this is an issue, but this the most I have come up with so far.

Needless to say this incredibly annoying, especially when it comes from Google, a company that claims to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful“. Unfortunately they aren’t doing a very good job of organising Google Apps data and making it available to their own products.