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Google Reader on Windows Mobile: Speeed Reader

I have been looking for a decent app for getting Google Reader on Winmo for a while, since i’m not a fan of Google Readers mobile web interface.

I recently came across an app called Speeed Reader, and currently using  v. 0.7.  I really like being able to read my feed through a native interface, its far quicker and more intuitive than the mobile web version.

Unfortunately, the refresh function doesn’t work on my device (HTC Touch Pro) very well, either it crashes out or seems to get caught in a loop so it doesn’t update my reader account with the posts I have read.  Also at the moment it displays all your feeds even if there are no unread items in them, it would be cool to have an option to only see feeds which have unread posts (Like Reader).

Overall, great app with a lot of promise, will be following its progress.